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Self Shot Cleavage

Ah, the class self shot picture... Karen Dreams pulls this off nicely. Very nicely we might add!

Just by holding the camera up, not only do we get a great picture of Karen Dreams, but also a great shot of her sexy cleavage...

karen dreams self shot cleaveage

And all boys like cleavage! Karen Dreams wears it well!


Tight Ass In Thong

With an ass like this.... Karen Dreams can have any man she wants!

karen dreams hot-ass thong

And Karen Dreams looks perfect with her tight ass in a thong!

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Karen Dreams Changing Tire

Pretty chicks are always fun and even more so when they have their big boobs out or better yet their lingerie on my floor... and of course I like chicks that have fun. But what's hotter than hot is a chick who likes my hobbies... Such as cars!

And then we have Karen Dreams on he knees changing a tire!

karen dreams changing tires short shorts

Chicks that can change tires on cars are smoking hot! I love chicks that love cars....

This is exactly why Karen Dreams rocks my world!


Titty Fucking Karen Dreams

The one quality I love most about Karen Dreams is her huge boobs. She knows it's all about the boobs, and when she lets the ladies out to play it's all fun and games.... Until it comes to titty fucking.

And you can just imagine how much Karen Dreams loves titty fucking! Nice and easy for her, and fun for us!

karen dreams huge boobs

I would do titty fucking titty fuck Karen Dreams... Then again, I'd titty fuck nearly anything!


Sexy Boots And Thong

When Karen Dreams spreads her legs like this... You know exactly what Karen wants. There's no room for misunderstanding here!

karen dreams hot tight ass thong

She's a slut through and through... Who wouldn't want to pry that thong off of Karen Dreams with their teeth?

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Hot Sexy Tramp Stamp

As if Karen Dreams doesn't tease us on a regular basis... Suddenly she's pulling up her shirt and showing us her pink little bra, and better yet pulling down those tight jeans and showing off that beautiful round ass...

And the tramp stamp! The tramp stamp is just a bit too much for us to handle!

karen dreams jeans tight ass tramp stamp

But we should have known that Karen Dreams would have a tramp stamp! Imagine watching her tramp stamp ride up and down while we are fucking her from behind!


Early Shots Of Karen Dreams

I live for this kind of stuff - Hot teen chicks in panties and tight tank tops taking off their clothes so we can get off... Karen Dreams loves taking off her clothes. She sure does strip down often enough!

These must be some old pictures of Karen Dreams.... This is exactly what dreams are made up of!

karen dreams topless sexy panties 05 karen dreams topless sexy panties 02 karen dreams topless sexy panties 07 karen dreams topless sexy panties 08

karen dreams topless sexy panties 09 karen dreams topless sexy panties 10 karen dreams topless sexy panties 01 karen dreams topless sexy panties 03

Karen Dreams had the perfect little body back then - tiny perky boobs... And she's still looking hot today!

karen dreams topless sexy panties 04


Bikini And The US Flag

I am a former US Marine; I love our flag. Blah blah blah. I fly my flag every day on my house. My other flag too.

Not sure how I feel about a hottie like Karen Dreams getting naked with a flag wrapped around her sexy tight body... But I think I can live with it.

karen dreams american flag

I think Karen Dreams is hot enough to make it sexy!

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Sexy In Bunny Ears

This must be something all solo girls do, like it's some kind of a requirement or something... The bunny ears. We can see Karen Dreams as a Playboy bunny. If not, we would still hit it anyhow!

She's that hot!

karen dreams bunny slut

And we love how Karen Dreams is spreading her legs with her sexy little panties like this!


Karen In Sheer Lingerie

We can check out Karen's Boobs all day long... But seeing her in something sheer also works nicely for us too....

karen dreams black sheer lingerie

Now if we can just get Karen Dreams to strip off that sheer lingerie and spread her legs like the slut she really wants to be!

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